Nail Treatments

Nail treatments - Gelish gel polish

Gelish – Gel Polish

Gelish nail treatments are applied like a polish, cured in an LED lamp and performs like a gel. Gelish gel polish means no more drying time, no smudging and a glossy, chip free manicure for up to 21 days.

Structure Gel

Structure Gel is a thicker viscosity gel that is used for reinforcing strength as well as nail plate imperfections.
Nail Treatments - Structure Gel
Vitagel Strength Nail Treatments

Vitagel Strength

Vitagel nail treatments contain vitamins A, E and B5 which help to recondition and strengthen the natural nail, and can be worn under Gelish with reapplication every 10 days.

IBX Nail Treatments

IBX is a nail treatment that strengthens the nails. It works by penetrating the natural nail plate from the inside, creating smoother, stronger, less brittle nails.

This can be worn under Gelish or as a standalone treatment.

IBX Nail Treatments
Dip Powder Nail Treatments

Dip Powder

Dip Powder nail treatments is a super fine acrylic that creates a strengthening overlay to the natural nail providing a hard-wearing manicure for up to 14 days.


PolyGel nail treatments. PolyGel nail treatments is a brand new system. It is a unique, odour free formula, combining components of hard gel and acrylic. Creating a strong but flexible nail enhancement that is also lighter and therefore feels more natural on the nail.
PolyGel Nail Treatments

Soak Off

Soak off uses a conditioning remover without causing any damage to the nail plate to maintain a healthy natural nail.


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